Caregiver Express is no longer accepting trip reservations effective 01.31.14

Pick Up Fee $14 $24
Free Miles 3 3
Fee Per Mile $2.15 $2.15
Bariatric $15 $15
Wheelchair Rental N/A $15
Per Minute Wait Fee
(5 minutes free)
$0.50 $0.50
Dispatch 503 475 9295
Employment 971 263 9555
Fax 360 841 7617
First, let me thank you for and compliment you on your company's service. Yesterday there was a last minute change in the length of my Father's appointment requested by his Physical Therapist. It was requested that he stay an hour longer to go through a separate evaluation, which was not previously scheduled. Your driver not only accommodated this change, but called me personally to confirm the appointment change and that he would be there at the new time to pick-up my Father. As someone who is managing my Father's care long distance, service like this is a blessing!

James 10.09.13

All of the drivers are warm and professional. They are wonderful and make you feel safe and welcome.

Kelly 09.26.2013

The driver helped me a lot. She helped me out of the car and held the door open for me to make sure I got into my home safely. She was driving very carefully today and made me feel safe.

Constance 09.13.2013

I wish to compliment my driver from Caregiver Express. He made me feel like he wanted to help me. He was sincere in his actions and I really appreciate that. The vehicle was in immaculate condition, very clean and nice. This trip exceeded my expectations.

Sue 08.06.3013

I want to compliment and greatly thank the driver that came for me. I was having a medical emergency when the driver arrived. Her quick actions in calling 911 and getting help saved my life. I really appreciated the driver and am so thankful for her quick actions. I wouldn't be here anymore if it wasn't for her. She is a lifesaver.

Michael 07.30.2013